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Selling land the old-fashioned way (through a real estate agent) is a notoriously slow process. Why? Here are some reasons:

  1. The pool of buyers for land is small. Most people looking for real estate want a home – not a vacant piece of land. A lot of land sits for years on the market until just the right kind of resourceful, specific buyer comes along.
  2. Realtors prefer to sell houses, and usually don’t know much about selling land. That translates into ineffective listings and advertising, and low levels of motivation from the agent to proactively get the land sold.
  3. Banks usually won’t finance vacant land purchases. Therefore buyers usually need to have a wad of cash to buy land. Know many people with wads of cash?

All of this means that land will often sit on the market for 6… 12 months, maybe even years!

Think of all the things you won’t be able to spend your proceeds-money on while you wait for your land to sell. Instead, your unwanted land will be costing you money every time the county sends you their property tax bill!

Whenever we make a cash offer for your land, we will agree to pay any outstanding property taxes you may owe, within reason. That means you won’t have to reach into your wallet at all! You won’t need any funds to sell your land to us, instead, we’ll be the ones giving you money.

Listing land for sale with a real estate agent always starts out exciting. Seeing your asking price live on the listings will have you imagining how you’re going to spend it all.

But as the months roll by and the price gets slashed over and over again, the excitement quickly disappears. When you finally get the property under contract, the carnage is still far from over: you’ll see your proceeds whittled away by title fees, attorney fees, recording fees, other… fees, some fees, and more fees. Oh. And the real estate agent’s commission too. *wince*

On the other hand, when we make you an offer for your unwanted land, we’re telling you exactly what you can expect to see on your check after all fees, taxes, duties… tithes, tributes and ransoms have been paid. It’s a realistic, transparent and accurate number you can literally “take to the bank!”

When you sell your land to us, we handle everything. To get the process started, you’ll just sign a few simple forms (honestly, renting a car is more complicated!) and then sit back and relax while we go to work. We’ll arrange the transaction through our preferred title / escrow company or real estate attorney, or in some cases handle the closing in-house. And if there are other county-related matters that need to be resolved before a sale can take place, we’ll take care of those too.

There’s no need for you to find and vet a good real estate agent and/or attorney. There’s no need to learn all the real estate mumbo-jumbo. All of the stress that is usually associated with selling a piece of real estate is gone. Within anywhere from 30 days from the date of acceptance, down to just a week in some cases, your property will be off your hands in exchange for a crisp cashier’s check. Doesn’t that sound nice?

Selling things is a lot simpler when you’re dealing face to face with the buyer. Isn’t that true? There can be complete honesty and openness – no hidden agendas or motives. Just: “I’d like to buy your property, and I can offer you this much for it.”

Selling your land to We Love Land is just like that – Owner to Owner. Now, since we work throughout the country, we probably can’t be literally face to face. But when you speak to us on the phone about your land, or when you communicate with us through text or e-mail, you’ll be dealing with a company who will use their own money to purchase your land.

So you’ll know – firsthand – exactly what the Buyer (us) is thinking. Not “what your agent thinks the buyer’s agent thinks the buyer thinks.” Wow, talk about confusing!

So when you’re ready to start the easy process of turning your vacant land into fast cash, go ahead and fill out the simple form on this page to tell us about the property you have for sale. Someone from our office will get back to you ASAP with your cash offer!

If you still have questions, take a look at our FAQ.

What’s that? You still have more questions? Reach out to us via Call, Text or Email. We’ll talk to you soon.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We are land investors, which means we are looking for land that can ultimately produce equity for our company. This means we intend to sell it again at some future time, as it’s value may increase. Sometimes we can increase its value quickly by improving the land or modifying it in some way.

We base our offers primarily on local market data. This includes knowing what land is being listed for sale currently, but of much more importance, what land is actually selling for. There is often a huge gap between what sellers think their land can sell for, and what they end up accepting after years of disappointment waiting for it to sell. Not to mention the high costs paid by the seller beyond what is reflected in that market data.

Our offer is based much more on the reality of the local real estate market: the “net value” rather than the inflated “sticker price”.

The “assessed value” usually seen on your property tax bill is one of the most misleading pieces of information when trying to figure out what land is worth.

Assessed value is figured for the purpose of calculating a fair tax for your property, and is highly subjective. We’ve seen assessed values many times higher than a property’s true worth, a mere stone’s throw away from properties with assessed values far below their true market value. Go figure.

Typically, not in it’s current state.

First you would need to get the land deeded over to your name alone, or all surviving owners – depending on the situation. Your local county circuit clerk’s office can tell you what steps you’d need to take to accomplish that.

Once you have full legal ownership of the land, you can sell it to us.

Payment for your land is always made on the day of closing, ie, the day we take ownership.

Depending on the state we are working in, this is usually dependent on the speed of the title company or escrow agent we use to handle the transaction. They usually have a small backlog of other clients to serve before getting to our transaction. In our experience, this usually means a wait of 2-4 weeks.

That said, some property can be sold to us by “self-closing”, depending on state laws. In those cases, we can handle the transaction legally without even needing to involve a title company, and complete the entire process in a few days.

Whether or not we use a title company or escrow agent to handle the transaction, you will usually be paid by either wire transfer or cashier’s check – both of which are “verified funds” which can be used by you immediately. No need to worry about bounced checks or anything like that.

Not at all! We too are “out of town” for most of the land purchases we make. Usually any signings that need to happen can be handled electronically or by mail; as can payment to you for the land itself (wire transfer or cashier’s check).

That would be extremely unlikely. Usually we’re looking for rural land, in areas where such commercial activity is not likely any time soon.

But perhaps more importantly, most land we’re looking for is not zoned correctly for putting a store on it. Often it is zoned “residential” or “agricultural” – not “commercial”. Changing the zoning on land is usually a long process which requires approval from the county. Sometimes it even needs to pass by vote.

So we think you’ll be just fine as far as all of that goes. 😉

About Us

We Love Land is a small land investment company with headquarters in Dallas, Texas. We operate in all 50 States.

Although we’re a small investment team, we enlist quite a crowd of other small businesses and local service providers in the course of our investment activity: from escrow and title agents, to attorneys and abstractors, surveyors, contractors, photographers, and the list goes on.

Although we’re sure we would enjoy investing in just about any “product type”, land happens to be something we appreciate in a much deeper sense. We love the outdoors, and studying the features and contours of this beautiful part of the earth is very satisfying.

We also appreciate the land-owners we communicate with and buy from, since these are often people with a “can do” attitude, creative flair, and valuable life-skills which are becoming more rare. We’re glad to be able to serve these kinds of people as we turn their asset into liquid cash for their use in other areas of their life.

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